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My work.

Photos & videos.


Hi, I'm Millie, a freelance photographer, videographer and editor.


I create marketing content for businesses, brands, charities and individuals. My work is varied, which I love. Capturing candid moments and curating relatable content is what I'm good at. 

Based in Folkestone, Kent, I work in London and across the whole of the UK. You can hire me as a videographer, photographer and/or editor.

As a freelance solo creator I can cover all aspects of production, from idea conception to post production, whether that's photography or videography. Alternatively, I can join you/your team at any point in your process to help facilitate your content creation.​

More of a tortoise than a hare: I like to form long term relationships that last.

Working with fewer clients, allows me to develop trust, create easy and familiar workflows, be flexible and retain a high quality of work. My first major client was the British Film Institute and I still work with them today.


Photographer Millie Turner on the red carpet for the premiere of the film Saltburn at the London Film Festival 2023.
The rock band Måneskin pose for an Associated Press photographer at the Cannes Film Festival 2023.

I create content for:

Campaigns, Social Media, PR,
Websites, Events, Promotional, Online, Commercials, Corporate, Personal, Filmmaking.

My work.


Everything on this website is edited by me unless otherwise stated.


Video I edit short form, fast paced content, sculpted for the social media market, as well as long form, dialogue driven content. Head to videos for more.

Photo As a photo editor for The Associated Press I work at pace on 1000's of photos per event, focusing on producing the highest quality of content. All of which are used by world's most prominent media outlets. This style of editing is transferrable to event and wedding photographers looking to work with an editor.

Confident and comfortable within the Adobe Eco System, I specialise in Premiere Pro, as well as working with Photo Mechanic.

A photo of Zendaya is shown in an online article by Vogue with the caption ' Zendaya wears Valentino shorts suit, shuts down paris fashion week'. The image has been edited by Millie Turner for The Associated Press.

Paris Fashion Week, Zendaya edited for

The Associated Press

My clients.


Proud to continue to work with: The British Film Institute, The Associated Press & The Red Carnation Hotel Collection

Have produced work for: The BBC, Campari, Dalstons Soda Company, The National Lottery, Immagonavation, Southbank Centre, Oxford University, The Card Boys, 'CEO to CIA' Author Rupal Patel, T-Cup Studios, Comedian & TV Personality Aurie Styla.

Logo for The British Film Institute
Logo for The Associated Press
Logo for Red Carnation Hotels
Logo for Oxford University
Logo for The Card Boys
Logo for T-Cup Studios
Logo for The Southbank Centre
Logo for The BBC
Logo for Dalstons
Logo for The National Lottery
Logo for Campari

Always open to ideas.

A little extra.

I'm a kind and empathetic person. I believe in the power of play and the creativity it unlocks. I love to travel, discover new cultures and have adventures. A cheese sandwich on the beach, on a cold winter's day, is right up my street. Even though I still get ID'ed for alcohol, I am very happily in my thirties.

Social media.

In terms of my own social media presence I'm a minimalist, pushing my brand on social isn't part of my strategy. I understand how much time and focus it takes to grow a following: I use that time and energy to help others grow. 

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