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You can hire me as a photographer, photo & video editor and videographer. My work focuses on people but I'm always looking for new challenges. If you like my work and think I might be the right fit for your project, then drop me an emailI'm more than happy to chat things through.

A little about me.

My professional career began as an actor. After graduating from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, I spent a year working in rep at Dundee Theatre. I then went on to tour the UK as Roberta in The Railway Children, made my West End debut as Miss Casewell in The Mousetrap and my TV debut in Hollyoaks. 

As an actor I learned the art of crafting a compelling story, to trust my instincts and to always be prepared.

Two years into my acting career, I taught myself how to use a camera with the aim of keeping my creativity alive when not acting. My photography grew from taking photos of friends, to working for global organisations such as the British Film Institute and The Associated Press. 

Photography has taught me the power of play, composition, light, energy and empathy. 

Enter the Pandemic, an unexpected curve ball for us all. With 'people-centred' photography suddenly a 'no-go', I began working as a Creative Brand Manager for a wellbeing start-up called T-Cup Studios.


Working at T-Cup Studios, I learnt the value of good communication and the skills needed to tell digital stories on social platforms, at pace while not compromising on content quality. 

I am now happily back working as a photographer, editor and videographer and loving it :)

BFI 2022

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