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Are you a professional photographer

Interested in outsourcing your editing?

Photo editing is like Marmite: you either love it or hate it.  Luckily for the haters out there I love editing.


As a private photo editor, I work one-to-one with professional photographers all over the world.  I pride myself on an efficient workflow, my ability to communicate and, of course, my accurate eye for editing and matching edits. 


The beauty of working one-to-one means together we can create an editing workflow that suits you best. So, if you’re looking for a bit of extra space to take on new clients or to spend more time with friends and family, I’m here to help. 

How I work

Large Catalogs

I work with large catalogs of photos. My services suit photographers who need 100’s/1000’s of photos edited per session, for example photographers for weddings, events, sports etc.


Minimum edit amount is 200 images.

Lightroom Classic

LRC logo.png

Working in Lightroom I use the develop panel to make global adjustments including: exposure, cropping and straightening, contrast (highlights, shadows, blacks), white balance, clarity, vibrance, chromatic aberration. I also work with Presets if you have them.


Masking and other local adjustments are available as add-ons.

Anchor Images

Anchor images make style matching easy. An anchor image is a pre-edited image sent with each catalogue which acts as a guide or ‘Anchor’ ensuring the edits are exactly how you imagined. The result will look exactly like you’ve edited it yourself.

Easy & Efficient workflow

Working with Lightroom Classic smart previews allows for easy photo sharing meaning no long transfer times, no matter how big your catalog. 

Kindness, Empathy & clear communication

For me, great working relationships rely on great communication. As a private photo editor I’m looking at investing my time in building long lasting relationships. My aim is to be an editor you can always rely on, trust to get the job done well and enjoy working with. 

Example Edits

A single photo can be edited hundreds of different ways. That's why anchor images are so important, they inform me how you want each photo to look, ensuring consistency across all your photos.




Editorial Work

Promotional images for 'Britain's Child Drug Runners'. Used online and across social.

Director & producer Rebecca Coxon

Truvision & Channel 4

Screenshot 2021-12-13 at 14.39.17.png

Hover on image to see before & after.





Jaiden Vernon, formerly involved in county lines drug dealing, has now set up his own clothing business.

Ready to start outsourcing?

Whether you're ready to rock'n'roll or looking for a bit more information, drop me an email at and let's get the conversation started.

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